Someone knows what is ” Influyer”?

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Between a few partners “geeks” who are dedicated to the world 2.0 or 3.0 called how you prefer , has come to our heard the word “Influyer” until today we have heard on several ocassions the term “inlfuencer” as a person with some charisma in the world of internet, but in this case  so for the litle knowledge that we have, “influyer” is showing like a proyect that could set a trend.

Influyer video in Youtube

We have looked on ours amazing social networks&internet and we have taken 3 conclusions:
a) Influyer as a new proyect that comes to stay.
b) Influyer something new and original
c) Influyer as something that will surprise you and cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Influyer website

Today i would  highlight the technological advancement and the way they are growing up, Internet is a world apart where  everyday new trends appear to make the life more easy to the people, entertain them, understand them and a long etc…At the moment , we dont know exactly what it is, if anything specifically, abstract,any tangilble, to use ,etc…
If someone wants add some comments we open the field to comment, to make any appraisal that they consider.

influyerInfluyer logo

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